Bitcoin Price: Rise Rebound

Let’s move a little closer to Peter Till’s remarks after the first episode. The reason Peter Till believes Bitcoin is worth 100 times its current value Not gold, but the whole stock market should be used as a benchmark. By 2022, Bitcoin will have reached the following milestones: Global Stock Market: Gold = 1:10:100 According to Peter Till, Bitcoin: The stock market can’t be 1:100, so why is it? – Gold was a better investment in the 1970s than stocks – January 1980: Global stock market = 1:1 – was cash, bond trash, and stocks terrible investments – because excessive inflation, regulation, and tax rates really surpassed 100% => 2022 and beyond..?

I didn’t go into further depth, but from what I gather, the future scenario is similar to the 1970s, and if bitcoin is given its full worth, it goes beyond 1:10 gold to 1:100 stock market, implying a 100-fold increase. So, why is bitcoin presently ranked at a ratio of one to one hundred? According to Peter Till, there are adversaries that want to sabotage bitcoin. Gold: Bitcoin: Ethereum: Bitcoin: Ethereum: Ethereum: Ethereum: Ethereum: Ethereum: Ethereum: Ethereum: Ethereum Because the Enemies of Bitcoin are meddling, ETH is valued at a comparable value to Visa, and this is why BTC is undervalued relative to gold, according to Peter Till. Warren Buffett, Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan), and Larry Fink (CEO of Black Rock) are the three main foes, and the government and businesses that support ESG argue that they are the same. ( They claim that refusing to accept bitcoin is a “political choice.”) Excluding certain carbon sectors and cryptocurrencies from ESG, which is mostly inclusive, is a political position to bolster government authority. – > Listing ESG firms strengthens government power and control -> S (society) and G (governance) are crucial in ESG, while E is practically phony -> The ESG movement is similar to the Chinese Communist Party. As a result, we conclude our address by saying, “Let’s launch a revolutionary, youthful movement with BTC” in opposition to the “Gerontocracy,” which flaunts morals while serving just their own interests. I felt it was a bit far-fetched, but in light of current inflation and the 1970s, I began to question whether the legal currency and old financial system were indeed on the verge of collapse. ​- Money’s Fall in Bitcoin Standards: Money that does not become sound money and enhances output loses its role and vanishes. The majority of the currencies, such as the US dollar, were printed forever and depreciated over time. The United States and the currency will not readily collapse, but what if they do? If you think about it, Bitcoin could be the ideal asset to use right now to prepare for this. The only asset that is not controlled by any organization or state, and that is absolutely free of geopolitical risk when it comes to issuance.

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